Grieg Seafood BC Ltd (GSFBC) has been farming salmon around Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast on the west coast of Canada since 2001.

The company has a total of 22 marine farm licences in addition to a land-based hatchery in Gold River. GSF BC had 105 employees in 2015, and the production capacity of all licences is approximately 20.000 tonnes gutted weight (GWE).

GSFBC is committed to operating responsibly and meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements. Grieg Seafood was among the first salmon farming companies in North America to source salmon from farms that were independently audited by the Best Aquaculture Practices certification program. Grieg Seafood BC has also been audited and approved by the Aquarium of the Pacific’s ‘Seafood for the Future’ responsible sourcing program.

Grieg Seafood BC has developed the Skuna Bay Salmon brand, a premium salmon product for fine dining restaurants in North America. Skuna Bay is renowned for its attention to detail and quality, and has been a great success in the American seafood market. See