Grieg Seafood Rogaland (GSFR ) farms salmon on 20 grow-out licences and two smolt licences in Rogaland in Western Norway. The company has its own brood activity in Erfjord. All the fish produced at our own plants are processed at our own facilities.

The company has 102 employees in the region divided into four divisions (Broodstock, Hatcheries, Grow-out and Processing). Our operations are located in six municipalities in Rogaland and we contribute significantly to local value creation. Production capacity is estimated to be approximately 24,000 tonnes gutted weight. The company is Global GAP certified.

Our venture in Rogaland is a result of mergers and acquisitions of smaller fish-farming companies in the region. The value chain is now fully integrated in Grieg Seafood Rogaland (GSFR) from roe to harvest in the same region.

In recent years, GSFR has made substantial investments in recycling technology and efficiency upgrades on the fish farms. We have unique traceability and transparent biological safety throughout the production cycle – essential in order to meet the farming industry’s future challenges.




Finnmark is in the northernmost region of Continental Europe, where the Norwegian coast swings eastward and meets Russia. In the wild and arctic scenery with steep mountains and icy fjords, the conditions are ideal for growing healthy fish of exceptional quality.

Grieg Seafood Finnmark (GSFF) has operations in five counties in Finnmark, and in Nordkapp County the company has the world’s northernmost fish farm.

In recent years, GSFF has built a considerable capacity for hatching fish, with a special focus on producing large smolts, which will contribute to optimizing the company’s production. The fish is mainly exported to markets in the Far East and the EU. The production capacity was 28 000 tonnes in 2014 (GWE).

Grieg Seafood employs about 210 people in the region.




Grieg Seafood BC Ltd has been farming salmon around Vancouver Island on the wild west coast of Canada since 2001. The production capacity was 20 000 tonnes in 2014 (GWE).

Grieg Seafood BC has developed the Skuna Bay Salmon brand, a premium salmon product for fine dining restaurants in North America. Skuna Bay is renowned for its attention to detail and quality, and has been a great success in the American seafood market. See

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. is committed to operating responsibly. We meet, or exceed, all regulatory requirements. Grieg Seafood was the first salmon farming company in North America to source salmon from farms that are independently audited by the Best Aquaculture Practices certification programme. Grieg Seafood BC has also been audited and approved by the Aquarium of the Pacific’s ‘Seafood for the Future’ responsible sourcing programme.

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. employs about 85 people in the region.




Grieg Seafood Shetland (GSFS) is located in the wild waters north of Scotland, between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Shetland has unique conditions for farming salmon. The production capacity was 22 000 tonnes in 2014 (GWE).

The Scottish salmon produced by Grieg Seafood is mainly consumed in Great Britain. Our newly established sales company Ocean Quality UK serves the British markets.

GSFS has recently built a new hatchery with recycled fresh water technology and is now self-supplied with smolts, completing the value chain.