Grieg Seafood employs modern fish farming technology to ensure safe, clean and top quality food production.

Leading the way in water recycling
Since 2007, Grieg Seafood has successfully implemented a strategy for recycling fresh water on our smolt sites in order to use less fresh water, save energy for heating water and keep smolt in tanks longer before exposing them to the sea.
The process has demanded heavy investments, but has also provided great results.

The upgraded smolt sites only need 0,1% – 1% of the fresh water compared to a traditional flow-through system. The obvious advantage is that smolt production is significantly less dependent on a large fresh water supply. The major economic factor is the minimal temperature loss in recycled water. We save energy and increase productivity on recycling, especially during the cold winters we experience on our sites. Another important reason for investing heavily in water recycling is the possibility to keep the fish on land after smoltification (post-smolt), thus reducing the time our salmon spend in the sea significantly.

All our regions are now self-supplied with post-smolts.