• Andreas Kvame


    Andreas Kvame started as new CEO from 1 June 2015.

    He comes from the position of CEO for Scanbio held for 2 years. He has a 17 year long professional background from Marine Harvest Group where he participated in the top management team for many years, with responsibilities for sales, logistics, processing and integration.

    Andreas Kvame has worked with change management and improvements in an international capacity in the aquaculture industry spanning many companies, including the integration of Stolt Seafarms, Panfish, Fjord Seafood and MHG. He has educational background from agriculture and aquaculture management.

    Andreas Kvame is a Norwegian citizen living in Hjelmeland.

  • Atle Harald Sandtorv


    Atle Harald Sandtorv comes from the position as CFO in the subsea company Bennex. Prior to this, he was CFO in the OSE listed transport company Tide ASA. During his 13 years in the management of Tide ASA, he was a central person in times of strong growth and structural changes, mergers and acquisitions that formed what today is one of Norway’s leading transport companies.

    He has got a MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH).

    Atle Harald Sandtorv is a Norwegian citizen living in Bergen.

  • Knut Utheim

    COO Farming

    Knut Utheim has been employed in the newly established position COO Farming in Grieg Seafood since April 2014.

    He has been working in the fish farming industry since 1990, i.a. in Stolt Sea farm (1990-2005) and Marine Harvest (2005-2014).

    During the last 10 years Knut Utheim held the position as regional director in Marine Harvest Norway, central-Norway. He is a Dh-candidate in aquaculture from the SFDH.

    Knut Utheim is a Norwegian citizen living in Bergen.  

  • Kathleen O. Mathisen


    Kathleen O. Mathisen has a long experience in the International Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. She has worked with HR for more than 18 years, resulting in a broad and extensive experience within the field of HR.

    Kathleen O. Mathisen’s core skills include organizational development and transformation processes, and she has several years of proactive, results-oriented, diversified corporate experience with an emphasis in human resources.

    She has a number of management courses from UIB, BI and NHH and is presently in the process of taking an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria in UK. In December 2013 she was awarded “Sunnivaprisen”, named after Bergen’s patron St. Sunniva.

    Kathleen O. Mathisen is a Norwegian citizen living in Bergen.

  • Roy-Tore Rikardsen

    Regional Director Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS

    Roy-Tore Rikardsen took over as Managing Director for Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS in July 2014.

    He has 15 years’ experience from the fishfarming industry.  The last 6 years he has worked as ‘production manager seawater’ at Lerøy Aurora AS (25,000 tons). 

    Roy-Tore Rikardsen has also worked in the aquaculture technology industry (Akva Group), and the feed and nutrition industry (Ewos).  He holds an ‘environment and marine technology engineering’ degree from the University of Tromsø.

    Roy-Tore Rikardsen is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Tromsø, Norway.

  • Alexander Knudsen

    Regional Director Grieg Seafood Rogaland AS

    Alexander Knudsen has been working in Grieg Seafood since 1997.

    He previously worked in Øvrebø Fisk AS which was bought by Grieg Seafood in 1997.

    Alexander Knudsen had a degree in economy and administration from Molde Universtiy College.

    He is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Rennesøy.

  • Rocky Boschman

    Regional Director Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.

    Rocky Boschman has been Managing Director of Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. since September 16, 2016.

    He started as Saltwater Production Director at the beginning of 2016 until filling the position vacated by Stewart Hawthorn.

    Rocky Boschman has been working in BC’s salmon farming industry since 1986 and has held various management positions.

    He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of Victoria and a Master’s in Business Administration from Royal Roads University.

    Rocky Boschman is a Canadian citizen living in BC, Canada.

  • Grant Cumming

    Regional director Grieg Seafood Shetland Ltd.

    Grant Cumming takes over as Managing Director of Grieg Seafood Shetland Ltd. on the 1st of December 2016.

    He has worked in the company since 2005, where he has served as Production Manager.

    Grant has seventeen years of experience in salmon farming and five lecturing in aquaculture.

    Grant holds a degree in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen and a Masters in Mariculture Science from the NAFC Marine Centre.

    He is a British citizen and lives in the Shetland Islands, UK.

  • Per Grieg jr.

    Chairman of the Board

    Per Grieg jr has been actively involved in leading positions in Grieg Seafood ASA since the foundation in 1992, and has played a major role in building the Grieg Seafood Group. He has previously acted as Chairman and CEO, and he is presently back as Chairman of the Board.  

    He holds a MSc degree at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Marine Technology and a MBA from INSEAD, France. Grieg’s work experience includes Researcher at Marintek in Trondheim, Ship broker at EA Gibson and Joachim Grieg & Co, where he also was CEO in the 90’s and now holds the position as Chairman.

    Per Grieg jr has been involved in establishing numerous companies within several sectors, and has been or is board member in companies like Fjord Seafood ASA, Marine Farms ASA, Erfjord Stamfisk AS and AON Grieg – in addition to several companies in The Grieg Group. Grieg also owns and manages his own investment company.

    Per Grieg jr is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Bergen, Norway.

  • Asbjørn Reinkind

    Vice Chairman

    Asbjørn Reinkind has an MBA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen and has further education from IMD and Insead (AMP). He has extensive experience from food industry brands including 18 years employment in Rieber & Søn ASA, CEO of Denja, CEO of Toro and CEO of Rieber & Søn ASA.

    Reinkind also has experience from aquaculture and fish farming including CEO of Hydro Seafood Group from 1997 to 2000, former chairman of Pieters Group, Seafarm Invest and Sjøtroll Havbruk. He has previously been a board member in the marine sector, including Fiskeriforskning, Domstein ASA and Pronova Biocare.

    Reinkind is presently chairman of Grilstad AS, Isbjørnis AS, deputy chairman of Biomar Group (global fish-feed producer in Denmark), board member in Scandi Standard AB and senior advisor in two private equity companies. He is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Bergen, Norway.

  • Karin Bing Orgland

    Board member

    Karin Bing Orgland has an MBA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen. She is a professional board member with extensive experience from the financial sector.

    Orgland has a long career as manager and board member in DNB companies, the most recent being CEO of DNB Retail until Q1 2013.

    Orgland is Chairman of GIEK and Entur AS and board member of Storebrand ASA, KID ASA, Hav Eiendom and Grieg Seafood. She is also a part of Grieg Seafood’s audit committee.

    She is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Oslo.

  • Sirine Fodstad

    Board member

    Sirine Fodstad is educated within Business Administration at the Pacific University, Tacoma, Washington, USA. She also has education within HR.

    Fodstad has 21 years of experience in the public and private sectors, included finance, oil & gas, chemical and airline industry with focus on people issues and the HR function. She has worked in various companies such as Norsk Hydro, Exult Ltd. UK, Air France, and several consulting firms.

    Fodstad has worked with top leadership teams and middle management. She has designed and implemented large successful transformation programs/projects in global corporations and government departments with 100,000+ employees with great complexity.

    Today she is the CHRO in Norges Bank Investment Management and takes up the position as CEO of Grieg Maturitas on 1 June 2019.

    Fodstad lives in Oslo and is a Norwegian citizen.

  • Trude Østvedt


    Trude E. Østvedt was employed in Grieg Seafood in 2007 as Chief Accountant Officer when the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Østvedt is a certified public accountant from NHH, and has studied Change Management and Leadership at Malmo University, Sweden. She has experience in external audit respectively from PwC and Ernst & Young. Østvedt was employed in Grieg Group Resources AS (GGR; a company in the Grieg Group) in the period 1993-2007. Østvedt’s areas of experiences were finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and communications. The last two years in GGR she held the position as administrative manager. Østvedt is a Norwegian citizen living in Bergen.

  • Frode Mathisen

    Director Biological Performance and Planning

    Frode Mathisen was in July 2010 appointed Director Biological Performance and Planning. From 2008, Mathisen held the position as Group Freshwater Manager. Prior to this, he held various positions with Grieg Seafood, Marine Harvest and Stolt Seafarm. Mathisen holds a master degree in Aquaculture from the University in Bergen. He is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Bergen.

  • Tor Eirik Homme

    Director Feed and Nutrition

    Tor Eirik Homme has been employed in the newly established position as Director Feed and Nutrition in the Grieg Seafood Group since September 2010. Homme comes from the position as Marketing and Development Manager in EWOS, Norway. He has 16 years experience in the fish feed industry, and has the thorough knowledge of the development phases of today’s fish feed, the fish feed industry and the nutrition requirements for salmon. Homme has worked in areas such as sales, marketing, product development, project management, research and international coordination. He has got a Masters degree in Aquaculture from the University of Life Sciences at Ås. He is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Bergen.

  • Solveig M. R. Nygaard

    Solveig Magdelene Rieber Nygaard is educated at the Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine in Oslo. She is a specialist in fish diseases and has additional education in economy and administration. Nygaard has been working with fish health since 1985. Today she is shareholder in FoMAS and will quit as general manager in the company in 2018.

    Nygaard was a member of a program in the Research Council of Norway and has been active as external evaluator of projects. She has been a board member in FoMAS Ltd, Feøy Fiskeoppdrett Ltd and Slab Ltd. Nygaard lives in Haugesund and is a Norwegian citizen.

  • Tore Holand

    Tore Holand is educated in fishery economics, catch and aquaculture from Bodø University College. He has 30 years of experience from key positions in the aquaculture industry, the last 10 years as CEO of Midt-Norsk Havbruk AS. Holand has many years of experience as a board member and chair within the fields of smolt, cleaner fish, meal and oil, harvesting and processing, wellboat and sales, and is therefore familiar with most areas of salmon farming. Holand lives in Rørvik and is a Norwegian citizen.