New report on sustainability in Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood keeps up the tradition from 2013 to publish the Group’s adopted performance indicators on sustainability efforts.

Grieg Seafood has adopted an ambitious strategy to enforce sustainability into all aspects of the Group’s business, as assumed in the Sustainability Report. The company’s goal is to be a strong sustainability player in our industry, based on measured performance communicated to the market and the public on an ongoing annual basis.

Cooperation with national and regional authorities, local communities, interest groups, shareholders, suppliers and customers – and the relationship with own employees – is subject to consistent assessment in the Sustainability Report. In addition to specific KPIs, the Group offers a qualitative assessment of a number of aspects of sustainability.










Sustainability Report indicators

Lice control: Prevalence of sea lice in all regions, monthly throughout the year. Measurement of medical and mechanical procedures.

Food safety and quality: Measures traces of unwanted drugs, toxins or metals in farmed fish. No findings in 2016.

Escape control: Measurement of escapes and procedures for traceability shows three cases of escape in 2016, one in Finnmark and two on Shetland.

Fish health: Reporting from the corporate fish health program, showing mortality below 7% in Finnmark, close to the target in Rogaland, improvement in British Columbia, weaker results in Shetland.

Openness and stakeholder dialogue: Reporting communications based on openness, respect and ambition – towards authorities, owners, interest groups, investors, customers, suppliers and employees.

Other indicators: Sustainable feed – interaction with wildlife – employee health, safety and working environment – anti-corruption and integrity – ripple effects on local communities


Sustainability contact in Grieg Seafood ASA:

GSF Director Feed and Nutrition, Tor Eirik Homme, cell. +47 952 43 050


Image disclosure:

Image from front page of report, freely used if credited “Photo: Hung Ngo”.