Our operations are based on hands-on experience and innovative, technological solutions. Experience and competence is the foundation for safe, clean and efficient farming of high quality salmon. In order to secure knowledge sharing across the Grieg Seafood locations, we have formed a competence team where our employees meet to share innovation and experience.

Grieg Seafood’s managers are employed for their leadership skills, their extensive experience in fish farming, as well as their ability to implement clever solutions, which increase the efficiency of our sites. Our salmon farmers are genuinely concerned in the environment, their profession and the welfare of their fish. We are proud to spearhead some of the most innovative solutions in fish farming.

Focusing not only on our responsibility for a sustainable production, we are also committed to our employees and the communities we operate in. Grieg Seafood is a major employer in our regions, and we recruit hard working locals with knowledge of nature, fish and the sea.