Grieg Seafood Shetland (GSFSH) operates in Shetland and the Ilse of Skye. Shetland has unique conditions for farming salmon. The Scottish salmon produced by GSFSH is mainly consumed in Great Britain. Our newly established sales company Ocean Quality UK serves the British markets.

GSFSH is the largest salmon farmer in Shetland. The company has activities in the complete the value chain (Hatcheries , Grow-out and Processing) and employs 166 people in the three departments. The operation in Shetland has an estimated production capacity of around 22,000 tonnes gutted weight.

GSFSH has recently built a new hatchery with recycled fresh water technology and is now self-supplied with smolts, completing the value chain. This facility will eventually give us 70-90 % smolt coverage.

Grieg Seafood Shetland was Global GAP certified in 2015.

The business contributes significantly to local value creation.

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