The Grieg Seafood organization emphasizes reliability and a continuous year-around supply of quality salmon. This is possible due to the high competence of our employees and a genuine dedication to sustainable production and fish health.

Our ambition is to always supply fresh and healthy products with optimal nutritional values. This requires full traceability and attention to quality and food safety in our products and raw materials.

We apply strict quality control, focusing on sustainability, fish welfare and environmental concerns. Our production standards and quality management programs allow us to provide the predictability our customers demand by verifying the quality of their fish from egg to market. We control the complete value chain; from stripping brood eggs, growing smolts at our freshwater hatcheries to grow out sites at sea and harvesting.

Grieg Seafood have developed standards that exceed government requirements. We have established best management practices and continuous programs to reduce our impact on the environment and its inhabitants.